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I felt this again and I am scared now

I felt this again and Im scared now

Today I have the unique opportunity to talk with https://dragdis.comthis product CEO. And that amazing young man is really young. He is younger than me. I started to think that God, I am not a kid anymore but still think in some situation as a child. Am I motivated to be person with great future, great my future? Yes, I do a lot of things but… I am working in the job what I do not like, I do a…

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— 2 days ago

The Peach-music

I am not sure have you remembered that I wrote some lyrics and play piano, I am not good at this but I am ready and I want to show my music, share my music with others. I am dreaming about the opportunity to play in one Kaunas cafe, where I am feeling like at home and could put my glass of wine on the piano and play… on my own in my soul, from my soul and touch somebody’s else soul’s stings.


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— 2 weeks ago


Satori http://wp.me/s2NRuL-satori

I can not call it in different name than Satori, it was something when I just watched in my life and saw it from outside like somebody else. Yes, and then you look in your life through the distant you see that all your „worries” are too small for tears, sad mood, losing friends or annoying your dearest and nearest. It happened in the dream when I was sleeping. I said the sentence loud in the…

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— 2 weeks ago

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After Birthday

August 12th was a pretty shitty day in my life, I hate my birthday day, it is always something like a piece of chaos when you can not understand do you have the permission to be happy or just feel pressure to be sad and angry on your life. It was like always just a bad day with awesome greetings from all over the world. I am happy for it and in those moments just wanted to cry. But maybe it is my…

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— 1 month ago

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I have forgotten

Today it is a strange day in my life. Why? I have forgotten Daniel’s Radcliffe birthday. Today is 23th of July and just before one year this day means much more than this year and what I can say about some years in past when in my teenager period that means mostly my life. Ok, maybe little bit too strong but it means to me a lot. And today I’ve just forgotten it.

No pain or tears

just normal day

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— 1 month ago


Nobody http://wp.me/s2NRuL-nobody

time runs so fast

i probably will forget you and our past

some details always say it was nice

however, a yellow letter and your words

did not work in that side.

Nobody can change that feeling

nobody can change your place in me

but I won’t let you

to play with me again.

I wanted to feel your hands

tried to be smarter and funnier than I am

but nobody could change my mistakes,

or fixed your life


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— 1 month ago

Busy busy busy.. bzzzzz

Busy busy busy.. bzzzzz

I’m a bee, I’m a bee… working bee

I thought it would be easier, haha… naive thoughts.

I am sorry that I have not got enough free time for blogging. I think a lot about my choices: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I work at one job with technical and detail drawings and Thursday and Friday I work at very young and nice architects collective, where I have creative tasks as architecture competitions…

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— 2 months ago

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Feeling Low? Make a Happy Call! →


happiness, shawn achor I am beginning to increasingly realise and experience that happiness is a choice. We are free to choose whether we make ourselves miserable – by constantly overthinking, complaining and whining that we are not enough – or decide to celebrate life – seeing why we are and could be happy and…

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Wait by M83

It reminds me too much of my life and my dreams with you, A. Too much that I could forget them in one day…

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Where is my life going?

Where is my life going?

Today have had really hard day. No, it was not hard like I had heavy works, no, I have had to make one but really important decision about maybe further my year and about my career and bout my life too. What do I want to do? Who am I? What is my plan of this life? Of this year? Of the period of two years? and so…

I got too much opportunities to choose one or another work. Yes, I go to the…

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— 3 months ago

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Promise for myself no.2

Promise for myself no.2

After one or two things what happened in my life I remembered that I have something like

the list:

So, some of them are done:)

I am so happy that I sold my car. It was blue, old Citroen Xantia, not very nice but was really fast and I had with her (yes, my car was she), some really nice journeys a lot of funny moments and situations. She was my first car, first crash, when I broke her into the…

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— 3 months ago

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No more apologies

Oh, Holidays…

I was waiting you so much that when you crossed my door step I grabbed you in my embrace and hold till that night when I hold somebody else. After that I changed my mind about a lot of things what is happening around me especially about myself and my life.

It is strange but now I feel more free and more me.

I do not know why people forget you why they say sorry without any reasons,…

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— 3 months ago

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Daily Collage —Emotional lines

Daily Collage –Emotional lines

When I sleep so short that I can sing Oh, thank you, Lord

My tears look like blood, I am not perfect,

But it is just my thought

RED, BLACK and little bit of WHITE

It is the reason to be alive.

collage, monika

Emotional Lines, thank you Lord for being woman

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— 4 months ago

You haven’t known me yet

You haven’t known me yet

I wake up with thoughts of you

Go to bed with thoughts of you

I am dreaming you

I am full of you.

And you

Have not known me at all

I give you all my energy and love

But you…

You haven’t known me yet

Why are you here in my head?

Why do I keep my love?

For you… for you who haven’t known me yet.

Why do you play in me

as a catchy song from playlist?

I can not think about anything else

but you.


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— 4 months ago